Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jolo Cathedral, Philippines

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What an odd looking building, discovered on a flickr search today because of news that this cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of the Mount Carmel was damaged yet again in a grenade explosion earlier today (10th January 2010) which damaged window panes. this is the fourth attack in under a year.

On 31st December 2009, a grenade also exploded in front of the Cathedral, wounding one government soldier guarding it. On October 27, a grenade was lobbed by an unidentified man at the back of the cathedral and the explosion damaged several windows and a homemade bomb was detonated in front of the cathedral in June 2009, killing six people.

For years, soldiers and policemen have been guarding the cathedral because of threats of attacks against priests and nuns. In 1997, Abu Sayyaf militants shot dead Sulu Bishop Benjamin de Jesus as he was walking in front of the cathedral.