Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Derelict church at Kilkishen

Derelict church at Kilkishen
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What a sad sight, almost certainly a Church of Ireland building, in a country which is mainly Catholic. It stands in County Clare, and whilst ignoring recent history a webpage states "the church at Kilkishen is a small neat structure, with a square tower, built by a gift of £800, in 1811, from the late Board of First Fruits, and repaired in 1834."

Greyhounds guard the entrance!

SD5691 : Church New Hutton by Ron Shirt

Church New Hutton

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St Stephen's church at NEW HUTTON in Cumbria is nothing special and dates from 1828. However the entrance piers to the churchyard are special and are topped by a pair of greyhounds!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Glasgow - Easterhouse

Another Scottish church from the Geograph site (by Chris Upson, link), the Catholic St John Ogilvie in the suburb of Easterhouse in Glasgow. Dating from 1957, the church still has the spirit of Gothic form, but the tower seems to have an enormous statue in a niche.

NS6665 : St John Ogilvie, Roman Catholic Church by Chris Upson

St John Ogilvie, Roman Catholic Church

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CHIRNSIDE (Scottish Borders)

A strange looking church in the Borders Region of Scotland. It appears to have a another tower behind the dumpy west tower, and spreads to the north with an aisle and what may be an outer hall.

NT8656 : Chirnside Parish Church by Kevin Rae

Chirnside Parish Church

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(Photograph by Kevin Rae, on Geograph. He writes there "A beautiful Parish Church with a large and very well kept Graveyard, The church was founded in Norman times although all that survives from that time is the arch above the south west door. In 1904 when Lady Tweedmouth (An aunt of Sir Winston Churchill) died her husband remodelled the church where she is buried adding the tower seen in my Photograph in her memory.")

Saturday, October 21, 2006

London - St Monica (RC) Hoxton Square

St Monica of Hoxton Square
Originally uploaded by Homemade.

A most unusual interior. Homemade says:-
"Designed by E W Pugin, the priory was completed in 1864, the church in 1866, for the Augustinian (Austin) Friars. Unusual for a Pugin church, the pillars, reredos and altar are made of wood. The Friars first came to London in 1253, remaining until 1538. An area near Old Broad Street, where the original priory and church stood, is still known as Austin Friars. St Monica's became the first Augustinian priory in England after the Reformation" (from the sign outside this church)"

St Petersburg again

Woman walks past the Trinity Cathedral with fire raging and the central dome collapsed in St. Petersburg, Russia, Friday, Aug. 25, 2006

Porvoo Cathedral in Finland

The Cathedral after arson..., originally uploaded by aixcracker.

A devastating fire in May 2006 destroyed the huge cathedral roof. This is a medieval cathedral.

St Petersburg - Trinity Cathedral

St.Trinity Cathedral in Fire, originally uploaded by shurkala.

The C18 cathedral dome, one of the largest wooden domes in the world, was destuyed by fire in August 2006.

Saint Saens Church, Seine Maritime, Normandy, France

Saint Saens Church, Seine Maritime, Normandy, France, HDR Image
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Jon S Page.
I guess this is more of an experiment for the blog but this church interior seems quite special to me. Larger than many French cathedrals, this does seem to be a fairly new building, probably C19 or C20.

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