Sunday, September 05, 2010

Roman Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch, New Zealand

Roman Catholic Cathedral
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Following news of the earthquake this week, I was checking pictures of the cathedrals in Christchurch. I found this picture of the astonishing interior of the Blessed Sacrament Basilica. It was built 1901-5 to the designs of Francis Petre. Early reports say that the building has not been damaged to any great extent.

POSTSCRIPT The cathedral was shut after the September earthquake as a precaution , but the huge quake of 22 February 2011 brought down the two west towers, and cracks have appeared in the central dome. It was feared the cathedral was in imminent danger of collapse but hopefully now (April 2011) careful dismantling of the most dangerous sections which is likely to include the dome will mean stabilisation and reconstruction can be done and much of the cathedral can be saved.
Of course the Anglican cathedral, Christchurch, was also severely damaged and its landmark steeple collapsed. It is hoped the main church can be saved in any restoration and the city has vowed to rebuild the spire.