Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Derelict church at Kilkishen

Derelict church at Kilkishen
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What a sad sight, almost certainly a Church of Ireland building, in a country which is mainly Catholic. It stands in County Clare, and whilst ignoring recent history a webpage states "the church at Kilkishen is a small neat structure, with a square tower, built by a gift of £800, in 1811, from the late Board of First Fruits, and repaired in 1834."

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  1. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Yes it is a sad sight. It's a Church of Ireland chapel and has been out of use for some time. Its ruinous state is lamentable but the Church of Ireland has let many such fine buildings fall into apallling states once they were no longer required. The only good news is that it is a protected structure under Clare County Council by laws. Hopefully it will meet a similar fate as the Church of ireland in Taumgraney which has been restored and is now used as a local heritage centre!